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Phaser.Isometric - calculating world bounds based on "Tilemap" group


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I see the plugin's a bit dormant ATM, I think, but perhaps you guys have had enough experience to answer what _seems_ like a simple question:

Given I have a Phaser.Group() of Isometric.ISOSprite() acting as the 'floor' tile-map, is it possible to constrain the state's bounds based on this Group? The group will be dynamic so the number of sprites will change. I had initially thought simply going:

game.world.setBounds(myGroup.x, myGroup.y, myGroup.width, myGroup.height);

would work, but of course those coordinates don't accurately reflect the 'true' dimensions of the isometric grid, given the plugin projects the coordinates. I tried a couple of guess/combinations, but I always got 'weird' bounds as a result. Any ideas? Hopefully the answer's simple!

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I can only make the ground square, the map appears square, even if you put different sides. I put the width equal to 2 multiplied by the Cartesian width, this results as if it had multiplied by 0.866 (cosine of 30).

I create the ISO map with the Tiled then change to orthogonal and change the width to 32 pixels, then use the Phaser game.add.tilemap and the game.add.isoSprite of the Isometric plugin to show it.



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