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Fast forward particles


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Hi eveyone,

Just realised how powerful Phaser's particle system really is. I've set up an emitter to create a continuous 'snow' effect for my game's main menu background. I was wondering though if it was possible to make the particles 'fast forward' a couple of seconds when I load the game.

What I mean is, how can I make it so that when the user switches to the main menu state, the particles are already all over the place as if the emitter had been running for a couple of seconds.

Instead of the state starting off like this:


How can I make it start like this, with the particles already everywhere:


Thanks for your help!

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Simplest way is just to scatter the particles at the start. It depends a little on how your emitter is set up, but I think you can

  • set the emitter area to the whole game canvas
  • call explode with lots of particles (but not all; save enough for flow, below)
  • set the emitter area normal snowfall (maybe the top edge of the canvas)
  • call flow

If you need a true simulation instead (like if particles have acceleration or drag), that could probably be done.

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