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Importing Canvas2D to project


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I am struggling with a similar problem like in this thread, but the solution provided here seems not so ideal...

I have many modules in my game, and if I use Babylon.js in any of those, I import it using:

import Babylon from 'babylonjs'

So there isn't any good way to include Canvas2D similarly? I understand it is somehow baked to Babylon.js, but how do I use it? I'm downloading all the dependencies from the npm, including Babylon.js. Then I bundle everything using Webpack.

Ideally, I would like to use Canvas2D (for example) like this:

import Babylon from 'babylonjs'
import Canvas2D from 'babylonjs'

Please help, I've been scratching my head for hours now...

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If you are using NPM, I don't think 'babylonjs' includes Canvas2D. Canvas2D is a separate file that you can get from here: https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/tree/master/dist

I've been scratching my head for days, so 'hours' isn't so bad!!  Even if you get the import Canvas2D then I suspect you will get issues with loading.  If you get it working, please let us know how.  Cheers.

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Also, maybe you have done it to simplify your imports, but if you use explicit imports (instead of default) might be a good practice.
ie: import { Mesh, Vector3, Color3 } from 'babylonjs'

Since you are using webpack, explicit imports will reduce the size of your generated javascript.  If your editor has ESLint then it will pickup on unused/missing imports.

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Is there ETA for 3.0?
If the full release is far far away in the future, could we have 3.0 alpha/beta builds in npm too? Or include Canvas2D for 2.5?

If I can't get this to work, I guess I have to do the UI using html/css :( I would prefer using just Babylon.js though, with Canvas2D.

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I'm facing a similar issue but trying to import the glTF File Loader,
Would it be okay to include the loaders in the npm package aswell?
Or would it be better to have a separate npm repository for the plugins?

If making them available through npm isn't an option, Is there some way to import the SceneLoader from the glTF loader?

In a es2015 project - glTF loader worked fine following the tutorials ( by including it as a script in index.html)
but with a typescript project the same thing isn't working

Is there a recommended way to "import" a babylonjs plugin?


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i don't know a recommended way, but I just copied the .ts file from babylonjs source and modified it be removing any "BABYLON." references. Then my code was just this:

SceneLoader.RegisterPlugin(new OBJFileLoader())

Anyway, I'm sure this isn't the recommended way, but will get you going until you find something hopefully better.

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