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If you can do this with 5 lines of code, you've probably already read all the long but didactic documentation about the brand new Dynamic Terrain Extension what I'm currently and shamelessly promoting in this inadequate sub forum with this link

Have fun :D

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Man, somehow, I completely missed that 3-chapter thread.  Wow, that/this is VERY cool, and you have done an excellent job at coding and narrating.  Fantastic.

I still need to back-read... but... great stuff!  YAY!  That thing that @gryff showed us... a piece of heightMap contour-matching the heightMap below... that is nice, too.  SO MANY (okay, just two users) have asked-for a "decal" (image) that can do nice terrain-contour-following (when moving-around)... they are going to LOVE that.  Decals don't "move" well.  :)

Anyway, that's not the topic.  Infinite terrain is.  Congrats Jerome... really nice stuff. I think you just changed history.  Yep, I think its THAT powerful.

I wonder how much different this is... from @Pryme8's Teriable system? (at Neatflax) (demo - WASD to walk infinitely, no noise applied yet).  I didn't see him mentioned in that other thread... in the list of "folks who have been working-on infinite terrain systems".  It's only fair that his system get mentioned... and weighed into the big picture.

Jerome, congrats again.  You coders just scare my dog crazy, but he always comes back with a big smile, just like mine.  Nice tool!   It might earn a triple "WOOT" from DK. :)  And I foresee GREAT bobsledding in my future!

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Thanks a lot.

I don't know much how Terriable works under the hood, I believe it's based on creation/deletion of new chunks (so meshes) as the camera moves.

The Dynamic Terrain has radically another approach that differs from the classic algos about dealing with map rendering. It's an (indice fixed) updatable mesh "flying" over a logical data map and morphing its shape live to match the data of the current location. It's built on my numerous experiments about how BJS internals work and what seems to be the most efficient to compute : creating/disposing new meshes is miles away less fast than updating an already built mesh.

Then everything is just a matter of JS or loop optimizations ;)

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