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Looking for good Javascript map editor for 2D game


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I am making a game of tanks and looking for a nice and easy way to create maps with assets.

So I am looking for preferably a javascript editor that outputs a map in JSON format.

The game (you can check it here http://tankbattlefield.eu.pn) is still in dev but already have many working stuff.

However the map is hand coded and is not as good as I hope.

If anyone has suggestions and ideas on Tools that help me make it better, please do not hesitate to reply.


Thank you

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Did you try http://www.mapeditor.org/ ?

Its a map editor for all kinds of games.

But looking at your game it looks more like your map is just a collection of objects, positioned in space, right?


By the way: what made you pick ESDF for moving your tank, instead of the WASD all other games use? It took me a minute to figure out why the tank wasn't responding correctly to my controlling behaviour :D

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I am not actually a game dev. I am just doing this on my free time, for the fun of it.

So there are lots of tools that I don't know about. I will have a look at the link you provided. thx


As for the map, yes actually it was done in a bit of a rush just to get a feeling of the game. But it is not good at all, especially that the angle of projection of each object is different. That's why I am looking for something to help put some order in the map.


As for your question about ESDF keys, you are totally right (despite that there is a small line beneath the canvas that tells about the keys).

The main reason behind this, is that I am living in France and to avoid writing code to handle QWERTY and AZERTY keyboards I have chosen to use keys that applies to both of them.


Now that the game is starting to have some shape, I can spend sometime on "nice-to_have" things.

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No worries - most people here are no professional game devs and are just coding games for fun in their free time. :)


I didn't know about the different layout in france. :)

Do you use ZQSD (equivalent for WASD) for playing regular video games, or your ESDF keys?

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