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How does splitting the game FPS and Sprite FPS work?


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Noob to game dev here, this is more of a general javascript question but:

I'm looking over kittykatattacks spriteUtilities library and

var frameRate = 1000 / sprite.fps;

        //Set the sprite to the starting frame

        //Set the `frameCounter` to the first frame
        frameCounter = 1;

        //If the state isn't already `playing`, start it
        if (!sprite.animating) {
timerInterval = setInterval(advanceFrame.bind(this), frameRate);


So how does this(the sprites fps) not conflict with the games fps? Generally you have the main game update loop somewhere that's also a setInterval(gameLoop, fps).
and javascript is synchronous right?

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You can change the sprite's texture and other properties as often as you like, but render is still called at the same rate* (render handles all of the actual drawing to screen). On the other hand, if you were updating the same property at two different time intervals that could be problematic.

*well, assuming your interval functions finish quickly enough, etc. That's a different issue thou..

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