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ES6 import problem


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if I use import { Engine } from "babylonjs"I get error that babylon.d.ts is not a model. Looks like that export = BABYLON is missing at the end of file. Could it be added or there  is reason why it is missing?

I saw this thread 

but looks like it still is missing in git

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@brianzinn Sure, what you wanted to know ?, I have Typescript + Webpack build. So Type definitions started to work out of the box from 3.0-alpha version of Babylon.

Import then:

import * as BABYLON from "babylonjs";

Works also with direct imports

import { Engine } from "babylonjs";

For webpack I needed to expose babylonjs as global var, for that I used expose-loader

Loader list of webpack:

   test: require.resolve("babylonjs"),
   loader: "expose-loader?BABYLON"


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{ test: require.resolve('babylonjs'), use: [{ loader: 'expose-loader', options: 'BABYLON' }]

Thanks. Slightly different syntax for webpack2.  Just wanted to see if having a project in Typescript + webpack would allow me to import the Canvas2D (import .. from 'babylonjs/canvas2d'), but it doesn't  Error is that it is not a module canvas2d.d.ts.  It was worth a try!  :) Cheers.

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