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Apply different texture or color between to point of tube


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I create a tube mesh using many vector array.

Now i want to apply different color or texture to tube such as 

Example : If there are 10point that make a tube than from point 1 to point 3 red color, point 3 to point 7 green color and from 7 to 10 blue color so at last i got a tube with three color.

plzz help me..!!

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Hi B!


That is ONE way.  Maybe not best way.  Three tubes with different materials... all parented to same "gizmo"... so it LOOKS like they are single mesh.

Positioning is very important, of course.  You might not want to use .clone() in YOUR project (for tube2 and tube 3).  *shrug*

Could this method work okay for you?  I hope so.  Others may comment with better ideas.  Be well, party on.

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I am update the tube mesh as data come from server, when i get new vector array from server i update the mesh.

So if some point is out of some range than display some different color for connecting such a point.

If vector value for x around 2 and in some time if i got x value around 5 for some points than i want to draw RED color tube mesh for such a connecting point.

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Hi again B.  I still think my method would be the best.  Just create another Tube segment... from previous ending place, to new point... EACH TIME a new point arrives.  Make that new tube-section any color you wish.  No multiMaterial or subMesh work at all.  Can you tell me why this would not work?  (thx)

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