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Front face culling for a tube?


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I am trying to create a tunnel-like model where i need to apply texture inside a tube and view it in 3-D. However while changing camera angles, the front face should not render enabling the inside textures to be visible. mesh.BACKSIDE doesn't seem to work on tubes.

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Hiya @abhip96, welcome to the forum.  From the description you give, it seems you might be needing a "2-step solution".  I think you needed to BOTH produce the mesh as a BACKSIDE, AND do a material.backFaceCulling = true (to cull the FRONT side). 

How does THIS playground demo... look?  http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#LG3GS#148

Adjust as wanted, edit, RUN, SAVE, you cannot hurt anything in the BJS playground.  See how I back-sided the mesh constructor AND backface-culled the material?  *nod*

I hope this helps.  Write back, perhaps with a few more details, as wanted.  Ask anything, and have fun.  :)

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