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[completed] Playground Zoom Proposal/Discussion


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Hi gang!

I'm a close-up model examiner - I LOVE looking at the fine details of models.  Also, there are occasions when I need...

- GENTLE ArcCam wheelPrecision sensitivity/speed

- GENTLE FreeCam upCursor/downCursor sensitivity/speed

Does anyone think it is possible... to adjust these two values... on the Playground GUI?


- No such thing as camera.zSpeed... only camera.speed

- User MAY have a camera.wheelPrecision and/or camera.speed values set in the code.  Ideally, a fresh playground RUN-click must not "reset" these playground-based speed adjustments.  Naturally, it WOULD reset those values... upon playground app re-load.

- This might require 4 new items in Settings pull-down menu.  Camera zSpeed +20% (each time clicked), Camera zSpeed -20% (each time clicked), Camera wheelPrecision +20% (each time clicked),  Camera wheelPrecision -20% (each time clicked).

- I think it HAS TO reset-to-default each RUN-click, unfortunately.  Still, handy feature for examining models currently rendered on-canvas. 

My forward/backward arrow keys, and camera wheelPrecision... has always been "hot" (fast and far), which, many times, disallows close-examination of models (I CAN add code to others' PG scenes, but that's slow).

Thoughts?  (thx)

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Yeah, it's sort of a boundary crossing. App interfering with "soft" goods.  *nod*  I understand.

But, I was thinking (momentarily)  about a possible "other way".  :)

In my firefox about:config... there is a setting...

mousewheel.default.delta_multiplier_z = 100

It works... for slowing mousewheel (no solve seen there for keypresses, of course)

The chances that ALL browsers... have similar properties... (abort)

Nevermind.  A webpage (such as the PG app) likely doesn't have perms to change about:config stuff, anyway. :)

It would be nice to see a "universal" (standardized) way to change nav-stuff sensitivities (when applied to a canvas element).

It seems... letting users control how much "power" any nav-input has... PER event... is very handy for folks with slower systems and folks using incremental loading.  User WANTS to hold-down the forward key in his game, and let the character walk at the correct speed... for the incremental loader (or infinity terrain) to "keep up".

Quickly-adjustable canvas-only nav-speed controls... on the browser (or app) itself... that would be great.  Maybe.

It's sort of like... auto-dat.GUI... opened when pressing the "camera controls" button on the PG app.  :o

No, that's still app interfering with "the goods".  darn.  Even if the dat.GUI was "owned" by the PG app, it should NOT (and perhaps can't) reach-into scene scope... to make the property value adjustments.  And if we COULD do that, we would need to start flashing the "Dat.GUI Has Intervened" warning light, and offer a "reset to scene defaults" button.  heh

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