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where is that XML framework?


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I remember someone built an extension for Babylon.js where you could use XML tags instead of javascript to build the scene.  I've checked the forums and can't find any mention of it anymore.  Does anyone remember what it was called?  I want to try it out again.

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1 hour ago, Temechon said:

I know my comment is not very useful, but... Why would you do that when you can use json ? 

I want to try it out.  I've been going to webGL interviews and a lot of companies are asking if I've used A-frame which is the XML extension for three.js.  I guess people like that it looks just like HTML and you can slip it into your HTML code so even 4 yr olds can read it and see what's going on.  I want to see if the Babylon.js extension is the same so I can convince people to use that instead.

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4 hours ago, Deltakosh said:

We plan to do it soon but not yet available (at least from core team)

Someone made one already for Babylon.js.  I remember seeing a post about it.  I can't find the post anywhere though.

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