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[solved] Fractional .visibility broken?


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My pleasure.  Thx for the fixes!  

But but but... sigh.

Do we need a test-suite "tour" scene?  After a fresh compile of a version, you load/view this special scene.

It has a little of EVERYTHING in it... edgesRender, outlineRender, highlightLayer, backgroundLayer, particles, Canvas2d, a couple materials from the library, showBoundingBox, .visibility test, lights, shadows, on and on, automatically flies the camera (or otherwise changes-out the scene)... with a "hit key to continue" option.

Perhaps it takes 10 minutes to take the test suite tour.  Would that be useful?  Just thinkin.

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It definitely could be interesting

I have my own test suite so far and what could really be interesting would be to contribute to it.

If you follow this tuto: http://doc.babylonjs.com/generals/how_to_start you'll see how to use vscode to get babylonjs code to compile

Within the debug option there is a "test validation" which is driven by this file:



It would be really great to complete it with more samples

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Hey, thx for info and opinion.  Yeah, maybe a "wrap-up" scene or two.

No offense meant, but... I am going to assume that the broken visibility, showBoundingBox, and edgesRender... "fell through the cracks" of the current test suite.  It wasn't noticed.

I would love to have a list of ALL framework bugs that "got-past" the test suite... ever.  Probably not an easy list to collect.  :)  It would be nice to put all those things... into the wrap-up scene(s).

EdgesRenderer and .showBoundingBox was generating t is undefined error.  After you fixed edgesRenderer, showBoundingBox (still broken) was NOT generating that error anymore.  Fractional visibility bug never produced an error.  A quiet bug.

"onlyVisual": true 

In a way, that is the "isAutomatable" flag, I speculate. 

That config.json is sweet.  Great field names... nicely self-teaching.  I feel robots nearby... like I did when I toured the docs-build gulp'n'grunt scripts.

Let's pretend there are two MORE suite scenes, wrapUp1 and wrapUp2. 

I wouldn't want these to display on the website, of course (duh?).  But, it would be nice if they were easy/fast to edit, each time we find a new "got past the other tests" bug. 

Hmm... I wonder if it could be a list of playground urls.  These would all be visual-only, I guess, so it would be slow touring, but could be farmed-out to forum users. 

Having forum users take those tours... would get us cross-platform testing, too.  We might be able to find problems on various platforms, because our forum friends use MANY platforms.

Perhaps categorize these playground url lists... DevOrient Tour, Touchpad Tour, GamepadTour, etc.  Puppies or big dogs... encouraged to run them.  hmm. 

Perhaps, we can paste a specially-formatted "tour.list" file into a playground editor, hit RUN, and the PG app will KNOW we are "on a tour".  PG app will provide PREV and NEXT buttons, and maintain tour state, until tour is cancelled.  hhmm.

Thinkin'.  :)

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 I am going to assume that the broken visibility, showBoundingBox, and edgesRender... "fell through the cracks" of the current test suite.  It wasn't noticed.

Definitely. We have so many features in BJS that it is tough to retest everything on every commit. So adding more tests to the validation suite is great.

I like the idea of wrapUpxxx. It could jsut be folder in this repo. We don't need to surface them on the homepage

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