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Sprite2D color


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Hi, TD, welcome to the forum.

That is a single Sprite2d primitive, which uses a texture/picture - bvE3arl.png

Only change color of picture... in a paint program. 

Perhaps I mis-understood the question.  Please tell more?  Thx.

You CAN make this "thing" dynamically, with code, using various Canvas2D "primitives" such as Shape2D, Rectangle2D, Sprite2D, etc.

This "thing" could be built with 3-4 primitives, laid atop each other.  IF you built it THAT way, THEN you would get full color-adjusting for all three primitives AND their borders.

It would take a little work.  Perhaps we can run a little contest.  We give away MASSIVE applause to first person to create THAT sprite2D "thing"... but use three primitives inside a Group2d (build it dynamically... from multiple Canvas2d pieces).  Yellow circle might still need to be image/texture (a Sprite2D), on transparent background.  The two "boxes" could EASILY be done with Rectangle2D.

Contestants ready?... 3-2-1... GO!  heh.

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