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Viewport clipping on low end devices?


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I think this may be a bug with the alpha version of BJS, but before I put my foot in my mouth I thought I'd ask if I'm doing something wrong.

One of my previous PG's works fine on desktop ( http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1XQ32V ), but on my Nexus 6, the camera viewport is clipped to the bottom left quarter of the screen.  This PG used to work with the previous version of BJS on my device, so I'm wondering if something new has to be done for lower end devices?



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Yeah, my apps do the same thing, I was just using the PG as the simplest example of something that used to work.

After further investigation, I've come to the conclusion that Chrome/Google did something with 58.0.3029.83.  Viewing this PG with Firefox on my N6 works just fine.  I will say that some of my other testbeds (like PlayCanvas) continue to work as before on Chrome, so perhaps Chrome changed something that disagrees with BJS's shaders (at least on the N6)?  To verify this, I rolled back to the factory install of Chrome (51.0.2704.90) and the issue was no longer there.  Updating via the Store (back to 58.0.3029.83) and the clipping problem re-emerged.

I'm kind of at a loss at next steps.  I removed the skinned meshes and left just the grid plane in hopes that the fallback shader (too many uniforms in the PG) was causing the problem, but no dice.  I guess I can just wait until the next release of Chrome for Android and hope they address this change for my device?

Unless you/I have an eureka moment, I'll close this.  Any more thoughts?


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