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Materials not applied on .obj model


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I am still somewhat new to Babylon and i'm having the following problem. I am loading an .obj model into my scene and I wish to apply a standard material onto the meshes, after the model has loaded.  But my problem is, that the materials are not applied in the success callback. I have a button to maually apply the materials and it works fine.

document.getElementById("applyMaterials").addEventListener("click", function(e) {
   var meshMaterial = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial("meshMaterial", scene);
   meshMaterial.backFaceCulling = false;
   meshesGlobal.forEach(function(element) {
       element.material = meshMaterial;
    }, this);

I have tried my code in the playground with the skull.babylon model and it works fine.


Am I missing someting?



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So i have recreated the situation with a sample model. 


I have found that only importing models with mtl files are affected by this. I have also added a button to apply the materials manualy, as I have mentioned. 

Are the any problems that I am missing with applying materials on models with mtl files?


Thanks for the help!

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Maybe we should add this:

		var matTimer = setInterval(function() {
			if (typeof(mesh.material) != "undefined") {
				var mat = mesh.material;
				//Do stuff to material
		}, 50);

to the OBJ Loader documentation 'cos a lot of people encounter this problem first time when trying to access .OBJ materials

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