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Input Forms in pixi


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Hello everyone,

first of all I am almost completly new to the whole javascript world, especially pixi.js. But due to I am planning to get a graphic intense project done, I try to figure out wheater pixi is the right choice.

I will have a lot of user interaction, where I want to store certain input in my database. There will be a php backend handling ajax request and answering with json.

I am looking for convenient ways to get user input. Is there any option to create input fields directly in pixi?

I saw another approach where inputs are handled in modals, and therefore are "independent" from pixi. e.g. https://de2.big-bait.com/

What is the most common approach to get various data from the pixi frontend to my php backend?

Best Regards


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Don't fight it, just use the DOM for input fields. Sure, you can create your own and have Pixi render them, but, if the standard inputs are all you need just use those.

Pixi renders into a canvas which is just a DOM element that has the same properties as other HTML elements. You can layer input fields on top, underneath, beside, whatever you like.

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