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  1. Hello, Hi everyone, I'm developing a new hospital manager game; at the moment the main engine has been implemented and numerous other functions are being developed. For now, the developed language is Italian, but internationalization is planned. The game site is univerhosp.variousdom.it I need to find some beta testers to verify the functioning and the response times; I also created a forum with explanations. In the forum everyone can insert ideas, doubts and any information that may be useful for development. The forum is accessible from the game menu.
  2. I codded this new website and it specializes in browser-based games where I write a full overview of a game and the users how played the game before getting the right to review it and rate it. I just want your opinion on the website layout is it good or not. the website is fully dynamic it renders all of the content from the database and sorted by the newly added games. Browser Games To Play Online For Free 2019 | OvOnGames
  3. Hello I'm just trying to get a simple ajax function to work inside phaser just to play around with it. But I can't seem to get it to work. The function is just supposed to send two variables to PHP and get back a sentence where those two variables are part of it. But I only get the basic sentence back. And I have tried to use the function outside phaser with just an onclick bottom function, and their it works fine. So it must have something to do with phaser. heres the code in phaser And here is the php I have a sprite where i use the e
  4. Hello, I have a form built using PHP, and need to pass the text input value to an external .js file. Here is the PHP code: <?php $brsh_size = 1; ?> <span> <div><span><center><input class = 'sp-flat' type="color" id="picker" value="#000" act="get-color" /></center></div> <center class='font-brush'>Brush Size:</a><input type="text" size="3" maxlength="3" id="br_size" act="get-brushsize" value="<?php echo $brsh_size;?>"></div></center> </span> I have a case i
  5. I'm new to game development. I want to create a game that is decided on the server side with PHP. The graphics will be shown using Canvas and I would hope that some graphics would be used from Illustrator. I need to know if the pixi.js framework can be used to communicate via AJAX to represent different graphics through user interaction. Example. User makes a decision -> values are calculated on the server side -> sent back and represented with graphics. Is this possible? I took a glimpse at the documentation and searched for AJAX but found nothing.
  6. Hello everyone, first of all I am almost completly new to the whole javascript world, especially pixi.js. But due to I am planning to get a graphic intense project done, I try to figure out wheater pixi is the right choice. I will have a lot of user interaction, where I want to store certain input in my database. There will be a php backend handling ajax request and answering with json. I am looking for convenient ways to get user input. Is there any option to create input fields directly in pixi? I saw another approach where inputs are handled in modals, and therefore are
  7. Hi, I've been in the industry for quite some time, mostly doing web development (which includes tons of JavaScript these days, like jQuery). I am currently looking to expand my portfolio with full works (or mostly full works). Most of the work I have done has been changes and fixes to existing websites or back end programming, thus aren't great to show off. I am a very capable programmer with tons of experience, reasonable prices, and currently developing a game called AerialDrop which uses Phaser and is multiplayer (networked). If anyone is interested in some work, email me! My port
  8. Like many of my gen (back in the BBS days) I felt it would be nice to bring a game or two from that world, to the browser world. With some of the cool tricks you can do in HTML5, it became quite easy in some aspects and a little tricky in other aspects. I have (many times) rewrote LORD, from scratch - and no source code to follow - just various places around the net and my personal time in the original game - to php/sql and php/flatfile, but never released it, although Seth did check out one of them and said it was better than many he has seen-and that was an older version of mine. due to a mi
  9. I have a small PHP script that pulls some data out of a database. There are two parts to the data, a string variable and an integer. (ex: Chevy 22.55) I want to pass these to PIXI Javascript in order to display them like this: Chevy 22.55 Note: No space after Chevy. I don't know why posts are double spaced in this forum? Thanks, Ray
  10. Hi, I want to connect with a database to save the scores, but, on first, I'm making a test. I'm trying with this sample code to know if I could receive simply "text" request, var pause_ajax = this.game.add.text(this.game.world.centerX, this.game.world.centerY+30, "connection"); pause_ajax.inputEnabled = true; pause_ajax.events.onInputUp.add(function () { var ajaxUrl = "http://www.anotherurlnotinmighty.es/php.php"; $.ajax({ url: ajaxUrl, dataType: "html",
  11. Hello, I wanted to create a responsive website to provide online tools like file converters, calculators etc. Is there any bootstrap template where I can easily add more tools with php. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hey, I am looking for a Lead Game Architect to add to my team in the Alpharetta area. Full-time, up to 3 days remote work, making up to 40 digital games like bejeweled and farmville. leading a team, very hands-on front-end work. Please contact me at jtoms@genuent.net if you or anyone you know is interested. thank you julia jtoms@genuent.net
  13. Hey Guys, I'm a freelance developer since 2005. I'm developed about 100 slotmachines and other gambling stuff, build some casual games and working as webdeveloper on serveral projects like cashboard.de (winner of the SevenVentures Pitch Day 2014). At the last weeks I worked a lot with phaser and build some HTML5-Slots with it. Now I'm searching for some new experiences. If you need a programmer for your website or a game, feel free to contact me. MySkills: HTML5, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Phaser PHP, MySQL, Symfony2, Doctrine, Twig, RedbeanPHP Flash, ActionScript 2/3 Some Dem
  14. We're an italian consulting company and we're looking for an HTML5 game developer. We work for the b2b market in 2 different ways: - Learning games for enterprises - Consumer games to grow our clients' projects or our own ones We appreciate the knowledge of JS, Construct 2, Unity3D, php. Our office is in Milan. We're looking both for hiring and/or for freelance collaborations, but we're looking for someone who can work with us minimum 2 days/week. You can apply sending an email to info@whitemanager.it
  15. The website I am working on has a game embedded in a page. Between levels the player navigates away from the game and is shown some page content (the game incentivises the customer to view the content using game play between viewing the pages. The user has a logged in status in a user table in Wordpress and they score points, playing the game, I save these in the database with e..g an ajax call from the game and php script. Then the user views a page of content. AFter viewing this page of content they get to play the game again, build on their score and the game has a new level. I
  16. (and a tiny bit of HTML5 but mostly 4) 2-6 players old school hexmap wargame http://thesingularitytrap.com -- if a game is good it does not depend on graphics --
  17. hi, i need help... the question is, i have a web site, say "abc.com" i put it under server www root path, say "\abc\" there are some php scripts manipulating user account related issues, say under "\abc\userlibs\" now i have another second level domain, say "def.abc.com" it's under "\def\" here i need to call user account scripts, but can use something like "def.abc.com/../abc/userlibs/" parent path "../" seems not allowed, then how can i manage it? i use apache & php. thank you. davy
  18. Since I built my idea over the Babylon gaming engine, I thought I would submit it here for some feedback. It is a work in progress, so I haven't added avatars and all of the features yet. With that said, I am USA and PCT world wide patent-pending for 3D Internet Browsing, which is a combination of first person video game and browsing the internet. I also trademarked http://3d, https://3d, http3d, and Walk The Web. Basically as you walk toward a 3D Building it loads (the building itself is set to load and unload outside the fog boundary) and the contents of the building load as you get closer (
  19. Hey, Let me introduce myself first. We are a group of flash developers and we create Flash games. We've extended recently and now are capable of converting our games into html5. So we are ready to start a new portal that would be created specially for html5 games. Can you please guys tell me what are the requirements for such a website? I mean in technical requirements. The ideal example for us is (IMHO): gamesgames . com Website works very smooth and fast, has all the features we would like to have and it's also ideally tied with social networks and other trending aspects. So i
  20. Hi All, The Engine I've built is here: https://github.com/Techbot/JiGS-PHP-RPG-engine The game in action is here : http://eclecticmeme.com/ Very Very early rough raw etc etc It's built with multiple views in mind (MVC) so I've built a main view using phaserJs. But I also built views using bootstrap,rafael, plain canvas, and a grid using the DOM. Absolutely everything is configurable, so it can be turn based or realtime, cyberpunk, fantasy, trading game etc. I'm looking to team up with anyone who loves rpgs particularly cyberpunk ones. (Tho' my own instance is a cyberpunk/dadaists
  21. I'm using laravel's hoa websocket plugin for websocket event listeners, I attached a function on update event to send the players movement to other players. Using 2 browsers to simulate the multiplayer, the one that moves sends an events telling that a player is moving in a certain direction, on the other hand, the one that receives updates the player/enemies movement but it wasn't the exact movement compare to the senders' position. Please help me, below is my code: app.js var Player, randPos, sendUpdate, socket;socket = new WebSocket('ws://');randPos = function() { return Ma
  22. Smile Looking for PhP programmers for a Mini game hello all , me and my team is making a MOBA game (3rd person view ) since we are a indie team we are lacking in funds so to get some for the development we planed to make a PhP game (text based) to get some income for it we want a web designer (css) a php programmer (sql skills will be good) the project will be done in 2 months max if someone good and skilled in this please contact me skype : sreenandhu4
  23. Full-stack team of it-professionals (Web, GameDev, Enterprise) is searching for a challenging project. We are interested in financial or ecommerce projects, game and multimedia projects or even projects with some scientific background that require strong math or physics skills. We can do the full dev-cycle including sketch/prototype creation, defining system architecture, programming backend/frontend, developing design and other visuals and even end-customer support. So eventually we can do everything except sales/marketing for a vast range of IT projects. There are 8 people in our core team,
  24. Hi there, I made my game and even my leadersboard system and everything works fine, I´m having a beautiful 60fps in my game and I get/save scores perfectly, on desktop and cocoon´s Webview+ The problem is that I tried my game in an old smartphone and it´s running a little bit slower, so I changed to Canvas+ and now I´m getting those 60fps even in old smartphones. The problem is that I´m not being able to save the scores if I use Canvas+. At the beginning I was using jQuery (just for that... I know...) this way: $.getJSON( path+"getScores.php", { game: "1", order: "ASC" }).done(function(dat
  25. So I have been fighting with focus issues for days now and it's driving me crazy. I would appreciate any input you seasoned canvas devs might have. I just switched my game from another JS engine to Phaser and lo and behold - my focus issues were gone! The game starts with focus every time. Awesome. After a little more development on my Phaser version of my game, I rename my game_phaser.php page to index.php so it will auto-load on my page - suddenly no focus! However... this focus issue ONLY happens when I access my page directly through my domain forwarding. It's set up like this: My ga
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