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Change texture of Pixi's AnimatedSprite


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I use this code to setup a texture atlas animation:

        .add('out2', 'assets/out2.png')
        .load(function (loader, resources){
        onRotationsLoaded(loader, resources)

    function onRotationsLoaded(loader, resources) {
      first = new PIXI.extras.AnimatedSprite(setupFrames(resources["out2"].texture.baseTexture));

      app.renderer.plugins.prepare.upload(first, function(){
         console.log("loaded first");
      // ready to go


function setupFrames(name) {
    var frames = [];
    array is an array that stores correct position for each frame of animation
    for (var i = 0; i < array.length; i++) {
        var rect = new PIXI.Rectangle(array[i].frame.x, array[i].frame.y, array[i].frame.w, array[i].frame.h);
        frames.push(new PIXI.Texture(name, rect));
    return frames;

would like to change the texture of the AnimatedSprite first in a click event or something. The new texture needs to be fetched from the server(I do not want to load it at start, because there are too many of them). I could destroy first and create second AnimatedSprite, but is there a way to just change it's texture atlas image?

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Yeah, I am passing resources["out2"].texture.baseTexture to it, so that's okay. I guess I have bad naming convention.


I am trying to fetch the new texture atlas from the server. I've managed to do it if I preload everything, but there are too many texture atlases to preload all of them. So i created this function to fetch them 1 by 1 when it is necessary:

var nextSprite;
function fetch(){

            var newLoader = new PIXI.loaders.Loader()
            .add('nextSprite', 'pathToSpriteSheet')
            .load(function (loader, resources){
                nextSprite = new PIXI.extras.AnimatedSprite(setupFrames(resources["nextSprite"].texture.baseTexture));
                app.renderer.plugins.prepare.upload(nextSprite, function(){
                    if (firstRun){




I call it in this way:

//on click event, each click should load a new texture



To my disappointment, this doesn't seem to work with periodic clicking. Any idea how to load new texture atlases, stuff them in the same AnimatedSprite and play the animation?

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