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Load JSON on init() then get it on preload(), it's possible?

Arthur Miksza

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I need load some images based on a JSON, I've tried:

init() {
   game.load.json('json_key', 'url_to_json.json');

and then:

preload() {
   game.cache.getJSON('json_key').imagesName.forEach((name) => {
      game.load.image(name, 'url' + name + '.png');

but it's not working...
the variable game.cache.getJSON('json_key') is null on preload(), but it has the value on create();

I don't wanna use onLoadComplete() because the generic loading bar that I'm using won't calculate the values after the load has completed.
Edit: I know it's possible on create(), but I need it on preload for the loading bar

So that's my question, is there any way to do it?


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