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read pivot data


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i load my asset with atlasJSONHash

this.load.atlasJSONHash('MyAsset', 'assets/images/MyAsset.png', 'assets/images/MyAsset.json');

and my jsondata is:

{"frames": {

	"frame": {"x":1491,"y":1975,"w":740,"h":47},
	"rotated": true,
	"trimmed": false,
	"spriteSourceSize": {"x":0,"y":0,"w":740,"h":47},
	"sourceSize": {"w":740,"h":47},
	"pivot": {"x":0.2,"y":0.3}

When I add my spritesheet "MyAsset" on the phaser.game this is not correctly positioned with the pivot data.
Can help me?
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