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Optimal game resolution

Karma Octopus

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I'm currently working on my first HTML5 game and the current dimensions are 320x480. I'm using Phaser btw.


I just found an artist to make the graphics of the game even better. So I am now wondering if I should stick with the current size or use a larger one to make more money in the current market.


Is a 320x480 game too small these days, and if it is, what would be a better resolution?


Here is a screenshot of the game with the current graphics if that helps to get a good answer to my question. The game is quite simple, your aim is to collect the monsters flying around.



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I would get the graphics drawn at least twice the size you need, maybe more. 320 x 480 is small, but will render really fast, so it depends on your game if you should go higher or not. I think given the description it would be worth trying x2 that size, but do some tests for yourself and see if that's a good move. Either way html5 performance is only getting better, so having the assets at a larger resolution protects you for a potential re-release in the future, as well as being really useful to have for the variety of banners and icons that most portals need.

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Also we could pre-scale assets to half that size and use that for smaller screens.


If you use texture packer for your texture atlas you can make use of the autosd feature to automatically export a half-scale duplicate set of assets. Then you just need to make sure all your x, y and distance values get adjusted to whichever scale you are operating at, ie divide by 2 if running at half scale, and hey presto, it should all just work.

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I do think we're moving towards 640x960 becoming the standard. As Rich said, performance is only getting better.

Hey TV, if I made a game at that resolution, will the M.E. handle the downscaling as it is or will it have to be modified to do it?

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