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Triggering animations


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Hi guys.  I found this playground.  It doesn't have animation, but it shows how to create an HTML button using scene-code JS. 

It uses onclick, but has eventListener examples, too.  You could change "span" to "button" in line 33, if you wish.  *shrug*

Might be handy for you, HW.  You could put animation-start command... at line 49.

Creating absolutely-positioned HTML buttons... within scene JS code... takes many lines of JS...  but it is fun/powerful.  Hope this helps.

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Good to hear!  Yeah, sometimes there is a "scope" problem with HTML onclick="somefunc".  Sometimes it can be fixed by using onclick = "window.somefunc".  I'm no professional.  :)

Your animation is working - I'm glad.  Nice to know there is no problem with animation part.  Only HTML part.  :)

Also, welcome to the forum - good to have you with us.

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also it would be great if you could help me out somemore

after this animation plays i want to then play the next animation how would i do that (with the same button)?

edit: ive played around with this

function addItem() {
var newItem = document.createElement("span");
newItem.innerHTML = document.getElementById("ms123").value;
newItem.onclick = removeItem;
function removeItem() {
but so far it hasnt worked (ms123 is the previous span)
if you want me to send you the whole file just say
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