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issue with mesh borders


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Hi Team,

I am working on 2D house planners. I have following design. Created using boxes:


However the edges/border of design looks broken when camera is positioned at 200+ distance with respect to y axis of design. The only time they are visible properly is when they are viewed closely when zoomed. How can i fix this?

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@Deltakosh: still getting the same issue when borders are replaced with tubes. 


Or Should i rather user canvas 2D workspace here which will be shown on top of a 3D plane. Like this:

http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1BKDEO#23 (which is appearing blurred though.. :()

Need to achieve planner that we have implemented(along with some new features like grid implementation,draggable feature) in fabric js:


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@Deltakosh: i started to implement your first suggestion. scaling the element. however things break as elements start overlapping each other. I believe i will need to translate them as well. any suggestion on this part?

Is there anything sort of grouping which handles translation and scaling all together.


Here is the attempt for same http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#55SNLC#26

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