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ExtrudeShape Explanation

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I have been playing around with ExtrudeShape and ran into some results which I don't understand. 

http://playground.babylonjs.com/index.html#4JAF22 (zoom out to see the meshes)

If you zoom out in that playground you will see a square defined in the xy plane (green mesh) and its extrusion in the -y direction (yellow mesh). I find the result to be a little strange because my understanding of extrusion is that sort of "stretches" the object in a direction. Whereas here it looks more like the square is rotated to be normal to the y plane and then "stretched".


http://playground.babylonjs.com/index.html#4JAF22#1 (zoom out to see the meshes)

Then in this playground I changed the square so it is defined in the xz plane and still extruded in the -y direction. The result does not make sense to me. Can anyone explain to me how extrusion works? Are these results what should be expected, am I doing something wrong?



I believe this thread actually answers my questions, it seems you can only define in the xy plane for extrusions.

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