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Render border arround container?


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Is there any way to draw border around container, so one can see where container really is? I know container doesnt render, but is there some trick to mock it up?

For context: Im trying to glue some sprites together to create one object. I put them in container and attach it somewhere, but it acts weird. Problem is probably that container has different size than image I can see (i.e. sprites inside container doesnt fill entire size of container, so center of it is somewhere else I think).


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I know. But children may be transparent, out of view or otherwise invisible. Then it inflates container and if you set, for example, container.pivot.x = container.width / 2 and try to rotate it, pivot point is somewhere else than you expected. And its hard to debug such thing. This is why I am looking for some way to outline container.

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We are getting far from orginal question. But ok, i use it for pivot, so its about rotation. Any better idea? Is there any other way to set pivot on center of object, without working with width/height?

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In many cases you can assume the container size and just add a PIXI.Graphic to that container like so.

if (clientConfig.drawChunkGrid && layer.name === 'front') {
	const grid = new PIXI.Graphics()
	const text = new PIXI.Text(`${chunkPosition.x}, ${chunkPosition.y}`, {
		fontFamily: 'ArcadeClassic',
		fontSize: '16px',
		fill : '#fff',
		align: 'center',
		stroke: '#000',
		strokeThickness: 4

	grid.lineStyle(1, 0x000000, 0.6)
	grid.moveTo(0, 0)
	grid.drawDashLine(fs * clientConfig.chunkSize.x, 0, 8, 8)

	grid.moveTo(0, 0)
	grid.drawDashLine(0, fs * clientConfig.chunkSize.y, 8, 8)


use lineTo instead of this custom drawDashLine.

In this case my chunkContainers already have positions and constant dimensions.

Screenshot 2019-04-02 at 11.48.30.png

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