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Problem with launching VideoTexture (on Chrome for android devices)


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I'm a beginner on the framework BabylonJS and it's the first time I send a post, on your forum.

After having done a lot of research, I decided to ask some help. 

I have some trouble since a quite long time, with playing videos, in an application developped with BabylonJS.
I specify that it's a web site (html page with javascript scripts and css).
This application is aimed to visualize 360° images, in bubbles, and also videos (one of them is a 360° video and the
others are "classics"). When I click on interactive areas (or I use raycast), videos are loaded and launched automatically.

I use VideoTexture. The application works correctly, on PC, in the web browsers Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
But, on Android devices (Galaxy SNote, tablet Samsung Android 6.0.1), it's not the case for all the browsers.

Indeed, videos are launched correctly, on Mozilla Firefox. But, when I test on Chrome (on mobile phone and tablet),
videos aren't launched. And, I don't have any error messages.

By using "scene.onPointerUp", I've succeeded to launch my videos. But, I'm constrained to touch on the device screen to
launch videos. And, I would like my videos play automatically, after having picked interactive areas.
I hope my explanations are understandable enough.
So, this bug occurs only on Google Chrome, for android mobile device and tablets.

If you have some ideas, I do really appreciate in advance.

(Sorry for my English).


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Hi Deltakosh,

Thanks for your message and for your advice.
I tried with changing this option.

But, unfortunately, I'm still having this bug.

For informations, I've just checked the value of the property "paused" of my VideoTexture.
This one stays on true, even after video.play, when the application is launched on Chrome, on a Samsung tablet Galaxy.

It's not the case, on pc, and even on Firefox.

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