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Arc camera inherit VR camera?


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Greetings, Ian. 


(lines 6/7)  Take note of the interaxialDistance settings in both lines.  More about that... in a moment.

Most/All camera "rig modes" are listed here

Do you know about camera "metrics"?  [link]  (see console for dump of default metrics)

Notice that interaxialDistance is NOT a property included-with BABYLON.VRCameraMetrics.GetDefault(). 

Perhaps others know WHY it is not included, but I don't, sorry. 

Perhaps interaxialDistance is considered non-standard... available on SOME VR gear, but not in "official" industry-standard metrics specifications.  Not sure.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Ian.  Check this demo.

Line 8... sets rig mode to none.  Line 7... sets rig mode to VR.

Earlier, I gave you a link to https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/blob/master/src/Cameras/babylon.camera.ts

It shows all available rig modes.  (It was a little link, you might have missed it.)

Line 12 of camera.ts... shows the RIG_MODE_NONE option. 


Perhaps I have misunderstood the question.  If so, please explain a bit more.  thx.

There are MANY things that I don't know... such as....  What is the difference between RIG_MODE_VR and RIG_MODE_WEBVR?

Just because we have found a way to "stereograph" an arcCam, does not mean we can control it with head movements sent-from VR head gear.


Anyway, notice line 17 of this democamera._vrEnabled = false;  Likely, this property is NOT AVAILABLE on your VR-rigged arc cam(s).  I think this property is for WebVR only, but not sure.  WebVR is a browser-related thing... I believe.  Read about it here.

I think I will ping @davrous and see if he has comments (thx Dav!).  He knows lots about cameras and VR. 

We are "hacking" the arcCam here (forcing it/them to be (somewhat) VR enabled), and there's many things that I am unsure-about.  Hopefully, smarter people than I... will comment soon.

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Yep, yep, yep.  Thanks @satguru.  Yeah, after thinking about this more, and getting some words from Satguru and DK... it is best to change camera types, and not change rig_modes, Ian.  I should NOT have force VR-rigged the arcRotate cam in my earlier PG.  That was a bad hack. 

It is better to switch camera types... than to switch rig modes.  Sorry for misleading you down a bad trail.  :o

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