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Github best practices


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I love this framework and I would like to help out. 


Once I went to github I seen a few things that I would like to see happen. 


1: Please tag your issues under the corresponding type "bug, feature request ect.."

    This will help people when they want to start to look for issues that the feel like contributing on. 


2: I think the master branch should be clean and slim. 

    I feel like the master branch has bunch of some stuff in it that should be moved out such as the work in progress stuff. 
    You don't want to have people cleaning out un needed files when all they want is the frame work. 


3: Make use of feature/xxxx branches. 

    096 does not say much to me about the branch or whats going on in it. I like to follow the git flow model of managing my branches. 

    Once again this will help people get involved. 


Feel free to disagree its just an opinion. 


Thanks again. 

- Dont stop, dont die. :)

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1) Probably ought to do this more often, it's just a matter of time really. But I'd rather see github issues used for purely just issues. Features requests, support requests, etc should be posted to the forum.


2) There are some things that can be removed for sure, but really why would anyone need to clean it out anyway? Drive space and bandwidth are trivial these days, so that can't be the reason. Maybe just a sense of developer OCD? :) I will give it a tidy-up soon, but only really to remove the wip folder. Everything else I need in there, and to be honest this week I've been digging back into some files in the wip folder quite often. Having to swap to another branch to do the same would impact my productivity significantly, although I could move them to another repo perhaps.


3) There should only be 2 branches: dev and master. I will purge out the old ones when I get time, they are no longer needed and haven't been for months. In terms of people helping contribute those are the only 2 branches that matter.

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