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Best way to set up a scene?


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So normally I just build a scene by adding all the elements, then in a browser console I set their x,y and copy it back into my source code. I've also, once in a while, added drag and drop to elements, and then dragged them around instead. All in all, this is very time consuming, and a big hassle.

So I was wondering if there were any actual scene creator tools out there. Or maybe you just have some tips and tricks for me?

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The only tool available from pixi authors is https://github.com/jiborobot/pixi-animate that allows export from adobe animate.

There is also https://github.com/GreyRook/POM

I also know that @bQvle has a tool for stage.

The problem is that pixi has no persistance model, at all, because it would severely hamper the development of open-source library: right now every PR must be properly documented, code formatted e.t.c. If we add "ensure that editor supports it" , the difficulty of contribution will raise significantly.

Even to support spine integration we need two people, but for more sofisticated models that has no official runtimes its just impossible to gather a qualified team. As a result, many people use Tiled and write integration with pixi for each particular project, just because no one has enough experience and time to make official plugin and update it for newer versions of pixi.

SUMMARY: people use pixi because they can make their own set of tools on top of professionally-made renderer, its more low-level. There are so many ways to implement the persistance on top of pixi, and even if we implement one, it will work only for some set of projects.


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