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Apply Texture to Vertex


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Check this part of the guide http://babylonjsguide.github.io/advanced/Custom#color

Just checked out the PG which I am sure did a graduation of colors. It was what I used to get the pictures in your first link. On mobile currently. You could try 4 values for the colors instead of 3, ie red, green, blue and alpha. A pattern of 4 in the example does do the vertices as red. Will test and edit tomorrow.

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Really shouldn't try to answer questions on my mobile when I'm in the middle of something else. I was already using color4 but forgot that the color explanation was part of a full description of of creating a custom mesh and lighting and normals and so there are two triangles present one you cannot see face on and remains black when you rotate camera because of light direction.

Also the instruction was

" In the playground below see what happens when you make the vertices on the red facet different colors. "

So I had made the triangle red and left it to the reader to alter.

Have added PGs now where both triangles are lit but still can only be seen when looked at in direction of lights and one with graduated color.

Also re-reading your question it is about textures not color.

see  http://babylonjsguide.github.io/advanced/Custom#texture

and http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#VKBJN#14

I expect you read on and already found it.

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