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[SOLVED] How to fit decal to transformed mesh?


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With this cat, if I add the decal then it works fine, but if I rotate the cat then add the decal it will not show.  How can I transform the decal so it would fit on the rotated cat?


In general, if I rotate and translate a mesh, what do I need to do to the decal position and normal to fit the rotated/translated mesh?  I'm using decals on specific areas, like on a person's heart or bellybutton and I want to be able to apply that decal anytime after the mesh has moved.

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Just to clarify, what I needed was a pattern on a person's t-shirt which can be changed to any image you want.  That image was a decal on top of the person.  I thought you had to remove the decal then create a new one in order to change the image but turns out you can keep the decal there and just change the diffuse texture.

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