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Adding detail to Mesh through custom Shader


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I know that you can manipulate vertices that exists with a shader and make their visual position different then their physical location.

Is there a way to deform the spaces between vertices, I doubt it but I figured it was worth asking.  Im trying to figure out how to blend terrain without t-junctions and possibly have the GPU handle the whole load.

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Hi P.  Slow replies, huh?  I think you are talking about geometry shaders (G), tessellation shaders (T), and compute shaders (C).


Take a little tour of some links, there.  Let's make sure we are all talking about the same thing.

And we MUST ask @NasimiAsl to join us, too.  His GeometryBuilder system MIGHT be closest-to G-T-C shaders... as we can currently get with webGL 2.

A few interesting quotes:

28.04.2016 14:46, Kenneth Russell:
"Incorporating compute shaders into WebGL is the working group's top priority after shipping WebGL 2.0."

uegwqhugehoq asks:
Does WebGL 2 have geometry shaders ?

jsheard replies:
Nope, and it doesn't have compute or tessellation shaders either. Web 3D has a way to go before it catches up with native APIs.


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