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Best way to create lamp


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Hi again, Hersir!  I like this one...


MIGHT crash FF occasionally.  Keep trying.  MY Firefox has been getting out-of-memory and many garbage collection pauses, lately.  Not sure why.

No transparency involved in this lamp... because... BJS lights shine right through ANY mesh that isn't included in a shadow map/generator.

Just a pointLight inside a sphere, with a little highlightLayer glow, and a shadowGenerator for that light... and a .range set on the light... and there's an optional lens flare system nearby, in case you want to play with that. 

The "bulb" sphere is lit via self-illumination (material.emissiveColor)... an easy way to deal-with that task  If you wish-to light the bulb via the pointLight located inside it (using .diffuseColor instead of .emissiveColor), then you might need to create the bulb sphere... as "doublesided".  I'll let YOU play with that challenge, if you want-to.  :) 

Hope this helps.  Others may have better ideas.  Party on!

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