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90 Degree Turns at Max Velocity in Asteroids


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Hi. I am working on a 2D asteroids game, and I have hit a snag with the 'standard' asteroids maths.

I have implemented https://codepen.io/SitePoint/pen/rLvZrG into my game (I am using BabylonJS to render, but this isn't a babylon issue).

That the problem is:


  • Press W Key to accelerate 'up' and hold it there until you reach the maximum value.
  • Then release the W Key and the momentum will continue.
  • Rotate ship to 90 Degrees and hold W again.
  • Because the Max velocity values are already met, you can never end up going 'streight'. Rather you will then cap out at a sort of 45 degree,

How can I adapt the maths to be able to cancel out the y (or x) value if there is no direct thrust in that direction?




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