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Does Current PixiJSv4 Have Function To Detect Platform?


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Simple question:
Does current PixiJSv4 have function to detect platform?
(like if game is being played on Wndows, Linux, or Android)

I want to fill entire screen only on mobile Android and not on desktops/notebooks...

Let me know, thanks!


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13 hours ago, JeZxLee said:

Found this on the web:

if (  (typeof window.orientation !== "undefined") || ( navigator.userAgent.indexOf('IEMobile') !== -1 )  )  isMobile = true;

Worked on my Android phone and tablet.

Yep, platform detection is always one of those things, "it works today", no guarantee it'll work tomorrow and you really don't want to keep a matrix of detection up to date, not to mention that whatever you are expecting on that platform could change (depending on what you want to do of course). See if you can find a library that can handle this, one with enough resources working on it to keep it up to date. Although far better is feature detection, as that is about as future-proof as you get with JS.

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