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INcluded files? & downloaded zip won't run


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Do I still need to include hand, cannon, and oimo files in the <head> of a local document? Or are they integrated into the main babylon.js cdn link? Just noticed the links are no longer on the github page...

It's been a bit...

Also, when I download the zip for the playground basic scene, then open it up, it renders fine.

When I open the following scene with a procedural texture, i just get white screen. ,, *edit*... uploaded to github and it won't run there either. This was the same file from the downloaded zip in the following playground scene...has preview links... hashtag confused



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4 hours ago, Deltakosh said:

So the demo works on PG correct?

your issue is when you download the zip? Did you serve it from a local web server ?

The demo does work on the playground. Just tried it from my local webserver (apache 2 var/www etc). I tried 2 files that I downloaded from the playground: 1 the basic scene with the sphere and plane (the one that first appears default on the playground), and my custom scene with the procedural texture:


The first file with the basic scene ran in my browser, but my custom one here did not. Still white screen.


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2 hours ago, sable said:

I would guess that you need to include the procedural texture in your project.


Great...it worked as long as I was running it through the server. So is the server is needed because of the procedural texture? I don't think I can run it on github then...still not running the file there, or locally without going through the server...that going to have to find an actual host...

Also, kinda silly noob question, but I was looking around github to find where you got that link, in case I needed the other ones...is there a convenient place where you copy and paste it from? It didn't work when i just copied a raw link from within the dist/preview folders

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