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Visual artefacts with semi-transparent objects


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Hi there,

Is there any kind of renderer.sortObjects() or renderer.depthTest() like other frameworks have?

I have several transparent objects (alpha < 1.0) on the scene and sometimes renderer behaves glitchy (please see attachment). Theoretically, could write a function for sorting meshes by a distance to camera and set .alphaIndex, but it doesn't solve the problem with self-intersection like frame does c) & b).

Babylon.JS 3.01, materials are PBRMaterial() with .disableDepthWrite = false and .alphaMode = 2.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

artefacts2 copy.jpg

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Nope! But I did a simple alpha reindex by a distance to scene camera. This function solved the problem partly because objects still could visually 'intersect' themselves [c) and d) illustrations]

And I don't know how to fix it. :angry:

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