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Need help! I have a bug with cacheAsBitmap = true


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Hi, friends 

I am working on the game where I have more than 10 thousand objects in 9 different layers on the scene. 

Thank God that I can easily cache it, to do that I split each layer up into small pieces, I called them chunks.

So, I cached each chunk using cacheAsBitmap = true and everything was great, until I changed the scene.

Of course, I recached the chunk: 

let chunk:PIXI.Container = this.chunkGrid[chunkPosition.x][chunkPosition.y];
if (chunk.cacheAsBitmap) {
    chunk.cacheAsBitmap = false;
if(chunk.width > 0 && chunk.height > 0) {
    chunk.cacheAsBitmap = true;

But after I do it, chunk position is changing (See the screenshot).
I have no idea why and how could I deal with it 

I'll be appreciate for any help

Best regards,



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According to https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/blob/dev/src/extras/cacheAsBitmap.js#L173 its not snapping the coords, and that's part of the problem. If we somehow ensure that localbounds are integers, filtering bug will go away. As for other, i dont know yet :)

I created an issue: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/issues/4170

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As I understand localbounds is not integers because I use

this.cannonClip.anchor.set( 0.5, 0.3);

despite the fact that sizes of all textures are power of 2 after using anchor.set localbounds becomes not integers.

So, how can I set the anchor to keep localbounds integers?


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Looks like it works for me as a workaround: 

getLocalBounds(rect?: PIXI.Rectangle): PIXI.Rectangle {
    let bounds:PIXI.Rectangle = super.getLocalBounds(rect);
    return new PIXI.Rectangle(Math.round(bounds.x), Math.round(bounds.y), Math.round(bounds.width), Math.round(bounds.height));

If I put it to the Chunk class.

Thank you for your collaboration, without it I would never found it. 

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