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Bug texture black in plane, box (V1.8.5)


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This bug is recent, the textures are black on the plans with the version 1.8.5 of Babylon. When I tested the demo of the tutorial: '4. Materials - Texture' with the version 1.8.5 of Babylon the texture on the plan is black. The demo show on the texture on the plan before.

I am overview of this and seeking to understand why my texture was black on the plan of my project and i see that on the demo it is the same.

Thank you for the on.



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I just see that with a Box also. The front face is black, and the other face right, left, above, below and last are ok.
It seems that only the front faces (face to the camera when have is in position 0, 0, 0) bug (Box, Plane).

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I have testing under IE, I have the same problem. I also watch with Chrome, and I have no texture.
I not understand why. I used the same demo that you and the plan is black.

This works there is still 1 or 2 week. Have you an idea of what could be the problem?



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I have test 14 - Advanced Texturing which presents the same problem and I have an error in the console:


SecurityError: The operation is insecure.


Otherwise the problem with wirframe is resolved, it was an error on my part in my project. The demo 4-Material works for the wirframe.

But for the textures, i do not understand yet. I is not updated my graphics driver. But may be a parameter that has been changed. I look at. By contrast it is may be link, but there are 2 day i had a bug with Chrome that allows me more than translate the pages, however that this works very well before.


(edit) I uninstall my graphics card then reinstall. but nothing changed. It worked well 3 days ago, i really understands not. All this comes from a crash of Chrome.


I've installed the demo on my serveur : (texture black also)


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Good, i solved the error Cross-origin. But the texture on the plan is always black.
It is strange that on the sphere the textures is displayed, but the plan and the box that no longer works.
I is more error in the console.

Nobody has any idea among you? I don't know what to do.


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I'm the dad72's wife and we have 2 personnal computer and a note book in the house. All are with windows seven professionnal edition.


I have tested the tutorial with my pc and my notebook, and i have the same problem, with 3 browser (internet explorer, Mozilla firefox and opera sorry i won't install google chrome)


Look !




Thanks for your help.

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As my wife says, we have the same problem on 3 different computer.

We have no error in the console. This problem is really suddenly. When I test the tutorial with an older version of babylon, it is worse, more no image appears.


Is this that everyone could test this link to confirm the problem.




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I understood the problem.

When i update Babylon, i past by Tortoise SVN and it seems he corromps files.  I am not on of this, but I have no other track.
Because when I downloaded again the tutorials, it works properly.


The bug is when I put the plane, box... in rotation (0) The texture is black.

var plan = BABYLON.Mesh.CreatePlane("plan", "120", scene);plan.rotation.y = 0;  

If I put the position as in the tutorial (0, 3.14 , 0), it works.

var plan = BABYLON.Mesh.CreatePlane("plan", "120", scene);plan.rotation.y = Math.PI;  

Therefore I think that there is a bug when a plan is in rotation < 3 = The texture is black.

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I think you're seeing a black plane because you're looking at the back face of the plane (rotation = 0), but when you set rotation to Math.PI (which rotate plane with an angle of PI, or 180°) you see the front face of the plane.

Try to move your camera behind your plane (with rotation = 0), you should see the texture (be sure to light the face).

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