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Physics time and game.time.events.add


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I'm trying to create a fast-forward mode in a tower defence game. The physics time can be sped up threefold simply using the following:

game.time.slowMotion = 1/3;
game.time.desiredFps = 20;

The problem is the game has many timed events, which use game time, not the physics time that slow-motion affects, set up using code like the following:

	Phaser.Timer.SECOND * seconds,
).autoDestroy = true

Where seconds is some numeric value.

So the physics time speeds up 3x just fine, however in the above example, the spawnAttacker function still only occurs every real-time X seconds. I want it to be modified by game.time.slowMotion.

I know I could just do Phaser.Timed.SECOND * seconds * game.time.slowMotion; however when fast-forward mode is toggled on/off, all the existing scheduled events will then be incorrect.

Does anyone know if it is possible to schedule events like this in the physics time which game.time.slowMotion will affect?

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