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what is the advantage of using pixi-tilemap?


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It is used in RpgMaker MV.

1. Its like graphics but for sprites - if you dont clear it, it stays in STATIC buffer, instead of uploading DYNAMIC every frame. 0% of CPU usage when there're no changes.

2. It doesnt create sprite objects - no problem for javascript GC

There are stupid restrictions on textures, right now it can work only with 16 base textures of 1024x1024 size. That came from RpgMaker MV, and so far no one complained about it - and I can change it to be more suited for your game.

Algorithm of usage:

1. When you fill the tilemap, remember the rectangle area.

2. When user moves camera away from it - refill the tilemap.



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thanks for the clarification Ivan.  those two benefits sound promising.

I have read the source code and tutorial for a few days, trying to figure out the mechanism behinds it.   and planning to migrate it to another game engine. 

and by the way, the lib you made is awesome, thanks for sharing to the community.

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