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Should I go for Desktop HTML5?


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Hello Devs,


I have been thinking of making Desktop games for days and I told my self to stop by and ask some experts  ;)

I know some would say mobile HTML5 is better but please don't say that in comments since I want to make desktop HTML5 Games.


So here's some questions :



1) What's the best resolution for desktop HTML5 Games? (If not going to scale...)

2) Is Revenue share good for outsourcing assets (Graphics, Music) ?

3) Do you know any artists that accept Revenue share?

4) Is there's any sponsors that are looking for desktop HTML5 Games?

5) Will they choose "Exclusive or non-exclusive or Ad-revenue or rental" ?

6) Should I use a wrapper to make a flash version of my game to sell more?

7) In revenue share, Can I put my own ads and not changing the game at all?

8) Would they demand Long and Big games or Small and short ones?


If there's anything else I should know please say  :)



Hady Hayman (IamHadzy)

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1) Generally as big as you can get it following popular aspect ratios  (16:9). I'd try to e.g. at least 1024x576. It depends 100% though. For an RPG, I'd say scale to the full browser size. For a game like Angry Birds, I'd do produce very high resolution images in 16:9 and scale down if necessary. For memory intensive games I'd perhaps go with 1024x576 and scale up/down. 

2) It's great, only two things. A) there's barely any money in desktop-browser publishing outside of Flash. Barely anyone self-publishes for desktop-browsers. But sponsorship for desktop is almost entirely Flash and there's huge competition, but even there money is dropping rapidly apart from some of the top games that still do great. And B) Barely any respectable artist has to do revenue-share or will do it nowadays. Almost everyone who's not willing to pay upfront generally falls into a category of developers who, at that particular time, haven't a chance of making any money. In short, it's very unlikely you'll find anyone doing revenue share with you who's also a capable artist.

3) No. 

4) Not that I know of. I'm sure a great game can convince some flash sponsors to consider it, in a way it's all the same to them, but it's just not happening anywhere that I know of right now. I wouldn't bet any commercial venture on it at all at this point.

5) 'They' don't exist, HTML5 Desktop sponsors that is. If they do, it depends on the quality of the game. HTML5 is notable for being pretty easy to pirate in some ways and in general exclusivity hasn't been common for mobile HTML5. You'd probably do non-exclusives if anything at all.

6) If you can, absolutely. Desktop-browser publishing is pretty much Flash only, so cater to your customers.

7) Probably not. Most sponsors will require at least branding changes. Flash sponsors are generally large companies trying to create a gaming ecosystem, so integration of e.g. their highscore system etc is very likely. 

8) Both. But generally they always look for replay value. You can have a small game, e.g. an infinite runner, with just one level, but despite it being small, it has lots of replay value. Nobody will sponsor a game you can complete in 10 minutes and never have a reason to play again.


What you should know? Building for desktop is fun, educational and a great thing to do. Just don't expect to make any money off of it or come close to making a living off of this. Sure you could if you build the next Runescape, but if you can build games like that we wouldn't be having this conversation. I can almost guarantee this won't be commercially viable. Go for it, just don't expect income.

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