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Además water material yo imported mesh

Félix Flores

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This is my first Time in this forum.

I am doing a scene with babylon js and I am using water material for some elements, when the mesh is created in code with createGround function it works fine, but when I import scene from blender, and add water material to any mesh, the result is not the expected.
some one know what is the process to do that.


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How is the result not expected?

I am applying my own materials on meshes exported from Blender.  What I have found is that I need to export from Blender without materials.  So, in the export options there is a "Write Materials" (at least for OBJ) and it is selected by default.  That's not going to work if you are using some materials from Blender obviously.  I think it is a timing issue for when the imported materials arrive and overwrite my applied materials.

Also, water material is an extension, so you need to load it in addition to main library:


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