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How can I RTFM in PIXI?


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From github (https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js#learn)

  • Getting started: Check out @kittykatattack's comprehensive tutorial.
  • Examples: Get stuck right in and play around with PixiJS code and features right here!
  • Docs: Get to know the PixiJS API by checking out the docs.
  • Wiki: Other misc tutorials and resources are on the Wiki.

But the main thing of course github sources, docs are generated from them. If you read something in docs/comments and see a different behaviour in pixi sources - trust sources.

There are no black boxes in PIXI (except few dependencies), when you use something, skim through the sources just to know how the heck this feature is working.

People are constantly demanding more tutorials. Compared to phaser, pixi is under-documented, but it gets better with every month.

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