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Does PixiJSv4 Do Input? Need An Example!


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I talk of keyboard input...

What would be the best way to handle keyboard input in a PixiJSv4 game?

	document.addEventListener("keypress", CheckForKeyPress, true);
	document.addEventListener("keydown", CheckForKeyDown, true);
	document.addEventListener("keyup", CheckForKeyRelease, true);

Is the above OK, or I need to do something different?

function CheckForKeyDown(evt)
    if (DelayAllUserInput === 0)
		if (evt.keyCode === 8)  KeyboardCharacterPressed = "=";
		else if (evt.keyCode === 13)  KeyboardCharacterPressed = "/";
		else if (evt.keyCode === 27)  KeyboardCharacterPressed = "~";
		else if (evt.keyCode === 32)  KeyboardCharacterPressed = " ";
		if (evt.keyCode === 38)  JoystickDirection/*.Vertical*/ = UP;
		else if (evt.keyCode === 39)  JoystickDirection/*.Horizontal*/ = RIGHT;
		else if (evt.keyCode === 40)  JoystickDirection/*.Vertical*/ = DOWN;
		else if (evt.keyCode === 37)  JoystickDirection/*.Horizontal*/ = LEFT;

		if (evt.keyCode === 90)  JoystickButtonOne = ON;
		else if (evt.keyCode === 88)  JoystickButtonTwo = ON;


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That's one way yes, and it would certainly work, although it gives a precedence to keypresses, which might be unacceptable. For example, if you hit right and up at the same time (which can happen if you're trying to change direction quickly) then up will always win as you've introduced precedence by using if..else clauses.

This might be fine for you, otherwise you'll have to be a bit smarter about how you handle your inputs.

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