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Camera as in a CAD System


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I don't know what kind of geometries you mean.  When I export to BabylonJS I use:
Forward: -Z forward
Up: Y Up.

If you are using CSG or your own geometries then you could try to make the mental switch to left handed?  Otherwise maybe an example from you... some matrix operations have right-handed options.  Depends how you want to modify the geometry  - you might get away with a rotation.

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Thanks for your answers.

Basically the problem is CAD industry uses Z up, it means that all models, and all devices like 3d scanners.


Maybe, I can apply a transformation, but for example, if I need to analyze a coordenate, section, ... I need to switch back the results too. For that reason, I think is easier to use Z+ positive.


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12 hours ago, JohnK said:

Simplest way 

var myfunction = function(x, y, z) {

    var myvector = BABYLON.Vector3(x, z, y);
    //do things

You have to do a bit of thinking to write the code but your users will see a Y up system.

That's what I'm doing.

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