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Pointer Event - Bug or Anything Else ?


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Can anybody explain me why pointer event (mouse and touch events) does not work in Edge browser ? It Works well with Chrome FireFox Opera!

What is difference? Is there any better way to handle (mouse and touch events) in all browser same?

You can try and see difference between Edge and Chrome/Fierefox/Opera in this example/game. (here I use hand.min.js) Is there any better alternative of hand.min.js ??? Is there any bug in Edge browser or BabylonJS's hand.js?


Edge problem: When I release any of WSAD key it has longer delay only in Edge (Windows) Browser. Is there any batter way to handle (mouse/touch evnets) with javascript?


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Edge supports pointer events and doesn't need any polyfill. But the issue you're describing doesn't seem linked to pointer events but to keyboard inputs (not handled by pointer events).

The bug you're describing has been solved in the latest version of Windows 10: Creators Update. What's your current version of Windows 10?

Regarding hand.js, it has been deprecated in favor of jQuery PEP which works almost the same. You just need to set the touch-action="none" HTML property on canvas element. But again your problem is not linked to pointer events anyway.

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