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Sprite angle disconnects image from its arcade body


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What the title suggests. When I change a sprite's angle (via its angle property, rotation yields the same results), the sprite image rotates about its origin point, while the collision box stays in place. I tried changing the `pivot` property, but while that indeed fixes the sprite image movement, now the collision box itself moves to "correct" that, and their relative distance is the same (but now with the collision misplaced, which is even worse).

Is there a way to change sprite pivot without it affecting the collision box?

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Hi Rich. I don't actually want the body to rotate with the sprite, I'm aware that Arcade Physics locks its rectangle to the axis. What I need is the sprite image to rotate in place, relative to the collision box, which isn't happening right now.

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Turns out anchor is all I needed! I missed that pretty easily, went for pivot instead, which was causing me problems. Now it looks just fine. Thanks for your help!


(I could use syncBounds to make it more accurate but for my purposes that's already fine)

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