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Using mesh instances with Babylon GUI


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I am trying to make my scene (card game) as performant as possible. I've made it quite a bit faster by using mesh instances and sharing them with cards and what not, but it seems like I am unable to use instances with a mesh which has a AdvancedDynamicTexture material/texture on it. Primary use case is each card has it's own separate attribute set, however the attributes appear all in the same location on the mesh. (i.e., card name, type, attack, health, cost, etc)

I think it's actually just one draw call for the plane and an additional one for the texture, but still would be nice if it were possible.

Am I missing something or is this currently not supported?

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A BABYLON.InstancedMesh must have a BABYLON.Mesh associated with it.  The BABYLON.Mesh.material is used for it as well as all it's  InstancedMeshes.  Having a unique material for a InstancedMesh is never going to happen.  This is nothing to do with an AdvancedTexture.

I would say you might save GPU memory using clones, but hardly worth it for basically a plane.

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