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Flat Shading - please


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Hi there 


is there any chance for Flat shading  appear soon in babylon Blender exporter as it will improve a lot of possibilities, I know is there lot of other " more important" things to focus on but I believe that flat shading is very important to people who deal with graphic not just a scripring side.

  • Thank you.  
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I know. Thank you make it . I put this message as I did talk about it from 1.5 version . But I am very happy that you have in agenda with high priority.

Thank you very much for all work you do to making BabylonJS . It is my favourite js framework.

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Your word is my command :)

I've just checked in the draft version of this new API:

    BABYLON.Mesh.prototype.convertToFlatShadedMesh = function() {        /// <summary>Update normals and vertices to get a flat shading rendering.</summary>        /// <summary>Warning: This may imply adding vertices to the mesh in order to get exactly 3 vertices per face</summary>


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Awesome. Thank you.


Deltakosh, I read your changes and I'm wondering if the following lines insure you that the normal is not flipped:

var p1p2 = p1.subtract(p2);var p3p2 = p3.subtract(p2);var normal = BABYLON.Vector3.Normalize(BABYLON.Vector3.Cross(p1p2, p3p2));

What is the order of indices? Is it


- counter clockwise




+2        +3


or clockwise




+3         +2




Counter clockwise should give a normal from the screen to the viewer whereas clockwise should give a normal from the viewer to the screen (back face). So I suppose it's counter clockwise:




+2        +3


the normal should be the cross product (in this order) between p3p2 (from p2 to p3 if I keep the convention you use: p3.subtract(p2)) and p1p2 (or p2p1 and p3p1) but NOT p1p2 and p3p2.

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it is in the Edit mode 


that what Blender doc say :



I found this as well , that may help , from Objects to the X-Plane exporter , I don't know python but that how they fix it :



That someway connected to threeJS:



hope it could be made easy and soon ;)


Thank you.

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What about flat / smooth shading for all object/mesh , to able export from blender for example 2 meshs one flat second smooth !? , then if someone need flat just split mesh in two or more and dedicate what is what . ? 


Sorry to make it such a fuss about it but for me as I believe for many who want present model in best as they can accuracy is very important.


Thank you very much for looking in to this matter.  

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